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"This is an apology letter to the both of us for how long it took me to let things go."

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i want to reblog this everyday for the rest of my life even though i have nothing to apologize for

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holy fuck

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I’m sorry that I still can’t

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Bentornata Christy, Christy Turlington, Vogue Italia, 1989 by Steven Meisel


Bentornata Christy, Christy Turlington, Vogue Italia, 1989 by Steven Meisel

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"You forgot about me for two months and then showed up one day and said you missed me."
(29/365) by (KJ)

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"I just wanted you to know I think about you every night when I fall asleep."
Hawthorne Heights (We Are So Last Year)

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This honestly made me tear up. Imagining how great he must have felt that his planned worked and choosing that risk paid off.
I also feel like him and the model have such good chemistry, they’re always so kind and loving to one another.

Holy shit what did he do?? That’s rad as hell!

Since the runway was going to have simulated rain, he wanted to make the outfit become colorful because of it rather than deflect it. He sewed dye into the seams and once the rain hit it the dye ran! Very simple but super effective. He was one of the two winners of that challenge.

Absolutely brilliant. Holy shit.

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if you have someone in your life who genuinely cares about how your day went, and listens fully to the fucked up shit that goes on in your mind, and answers your texts or calls you back, and lets you know you’re important to them and/or generally makes you feel cared for, you’re really fucking lucky and i hope you tell this person you appreciate them and i hope if they treat you right and make you feel safe and loved, you hold onto them really tight.

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1. He kissed me, told me I tasted like coffee and innocence. I laughed and tried not to think about the fingerprints that are left on my bones from the last summer spent tearing myself apart as a form of self-defense.

2. When I turned the lights on, he stared straight through me, a hollow ghost in the two o’clock light. “You have eyes that could kill,” he says. I nod and look away, not admitting to him that that’s why I spend Tuesday nights staring in the bathroom mirror at the local bar.

3. We sat by the lake and drank cheap wine and pressed our lips together like our mouths were stars and the only way we could say “I love you” was by spelling it out in constellations. I tried not to think of her, but when he whispered my name again and again I could still feel hers on his tongue.

4. When he mumbled “You just don’t want to fuck me because you’re afraid of getting too close,” I laughed, stood up and buttoned my shirt. “I don’t know how to get attached,” I said, “You’re the one who should be worried.”

5. We were skin on skin, the low rumble of three am re-runs to keep our sighs company. “I think I love you,” he said. I handed him his phone with three missed texts from his girlfriend. “I think you should go.”

The Five People That I’ve Hooked Up With // heartofthebitter-mindofapoet (via heartofthebitter-mindofapoet)
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"You’re in love again.
I know this because you used to look at me that way
and your hands are bruised
from holding her too tightly.
She’s softer,
you don’t cut your teeth
on her razor blade tongue,
don’t choke on the smoke
in her lungs
or the alcohol clinging to her breath.
I know you love her more
than you ever did me.
Her hands shake when
she touches you,
she doesn’t keep a steady heartbeat
and a sense of self-defeat.
You tell me she sets your heart on fire,
but every time I came towards you
with a fire in my eyes
you tried to snuff me out.
I am a fire of a girl,
and I will
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"One day I will realize
what I had.
I will realize that
you gave me
the fucking world
and I will realize
that I threw it away
because I wanted whiskey
and cigarettes
to make my hands shake
instead of you.
I tried to kill my sadness
by tearing myself apart,
and I’m sorry.
God, I’m so
fucking sorry.
I can’t remember
the last time we
were really in love,
but I do remember
that we were.
I remember our three
hour long phone calls
and the way you said
you loved me with
I’m sorry I always tasted
like vodka and apologies
and I’m sorry that some days
I was too cold to touch.
I’m sorry that
although I tried to give
you the world,
it was never much."
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"Touch me without using your hands."
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"The bruises you left me stayed longer than you did."
10 word story (exuperant)

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"The hours between 12am and 6am
have a funny habit of making you feel
like you’re either on top of the world,
or under it."
Beau Taplin || the hours between.   (via exoticwild)

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"A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves."
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